Volunteer Opportunities

Parents and volunteers of the Alyeska Ski Club are one of our most important resources in maintaining a successful program for the athletes while helping to keep program costs down. Volunteer activities are social, fun and provide a meaningful contribution to the overall success of ASC. There are a wide range of volunteer opportunities. For detailed descriptions, please scroll down to the bottom of this page. Otherwise, please sign up using the links below.

2024 Volunteer & Officials Needed

Parent & Community Volunteers

  • 2024 Coca Cola Classic 1/12/24-1/15/24 – Sign Up Here
  • 2024 Auction Volunteer Sign-up 1/12/23-1/13/24 – Sign Up Here
  • 2024 Alyeska IFSA Junior Regional 1/25/24-1/28/24 – Sign Up Here
  • 2024 Alyeska Cup 1/31/24 – 2/19/24 – Sign Up Here
  • 2024 Alyeska IFSA Junior National 3/4/24 -3/7/24 – Sign Up Here
  • 2024 U16 Western Regionals  3/19/24-3/22/24 – Sign Up Here

Mighty Mites Race Parent Volunteers

Race Official Volunteers

Juniors Program Race and Freeride Competition Volunteers

As parents/guardians of participants in the Alyeska Ski Club, you play a crucial role in the program not only through the support you provide your child/children, but also in supporting the program on race/competition days, as it takes as many as 30 people to staff an IFSA, USASA, USSS or FIS race. We have a very strong tradition of involving families in our competitions and races. Having a volunteer staff for these events helps us to host a safe and well run event as well as helps keep program prices lower for the entire club.

Race and competition day volunteer duties are outlined below.  Some positions are only available to volunteers who are certified Officials (Technical Delegates, Judges, Referees, Chief of timing, Race Administration, etc). If you are interested in volunteering in a position that requires certification, please watch for postings of Officials Clinics in the Fall for the Juniors Program. For the Freeride and Alpine X Programs, please contact your Head Coaches. Most positions do not require any certification and many positions don’t even require any experience.

There are inside, as well as outside volunteer positions. Race or competition experience is not a necessary requirement for volunteering. We will be happy to teach you what you need to know.

Alyeska Ski Club Volunteers / Photo Credit: Jennifer Aist
Alyeska Ski Club Volunteers / Photo Credit: Jennifer Aist


  • Volunteers will meet upstairs in RTC, pick up any necessary supplies and lift ticket if necessary.
  • Check volunteer requirement and ask questions if you are not sure about qualification (some jobs require the volunteer to ski to a location and stay outside for prolonged hours; most jobs can only be accomplished by adults. Do not sign up children.)
  • Work the entire shift assigned.
  • Check out at the end of the day.
  • Have fun!  Volunteering is a great way to learn more about your child’s sport and meet new people.

* If you are signed up and are unable to fulfill your job, please call the program’s volunteer coordinator ASAP so we can identify another volunteer to complete the job you signed up for.

Lift Tickets for Non-Season Pass Holders

For volunteers who do not hold a season pass and are working positions that require you to be “on the hill”, you will receive a lift ticket so that you can fulfill your duties on race day. Lift tickets will be provided to you when you check in the morning of the race or competition.

Volunteer Descriptions

The options for fulfilling your volunteer commitment are described below and grouped into sections. The number of volunteers per race/competition day is listed but will vary with the size and type of each race/competition.

  • Race/Competition Volunteers are all the positions needed to put on a Juniors race or Freeride competition. Each race or competition requires approximately 30 volunteers.
  • Juniors Race Officials  In order to hold USSS events we must have Certified Officials. USSS Officials certification clinics for Juniors Races are held every fall. If you are interested in learning more about these positions and qualifications please visit https://usskiandsnowboard.org/sport-development/officials-development/alpine-officials or contact Brian Hartman.
  • Freeride Competition Officials If you are interested in receiving an IFSA Officials certification for Freeride Competitions, please reach out to Connor Michael, freerideheadcoach@alyeskaskiclub.com.
Alyeska Ski Club Volunteers / Photo Credit: Jennifer Aist

The following are our core volunteer roles for Freeride events.

Bladebox Loading/Unloading Crew (4-6 Volunteers)
Day prior to competition start, assist with the bladebox load (i.e., moving items from Conex and other storage areas to the bladebox. Use provided checklist to make sure all necessary items make it into the bladebox. Day after competition, unload bladebox and return to Conex or proper storage place.

Registration & Check-In (2 Volunteers)
This volunteer will hang bibs on hooks, hand out to athletes and mark bib number on athlete bios. They will collect athlete bios and sort them by gender/age and return to event organizer. If there is a welcome gift or prize they will also hang out one to each athlete.

Lunch Preparation (1 Volunteer)
Provide hearty bagged lunches for judges and other key positions (usually 6-8 lunches needed per day). These will need to be dropped off at the RTC each morning by 9am for crew pick up.

Event Set Up Crew (5-10 Volunteers)
Event crew is responsible for venue set up and tear down each day. Event Organizer will provide detailed times and duties each day, but expect to set up judges/announcer tents, haul fencing, GS gates/bamboo, start/finish/sponsor banners and flags into place, run rope line down border of venue. Some items will be in bladebox towards bottom of venue, others will need to be carried up on the chairlift and skied down to position.

Starter (2 Volunteers)
The Starter is at the Start of the venue and is responsible for giving the countdown or signal for each athlete to start. They communicate with the judges and hill crew on timing of starting each athlete to make sure venue is clear and judges are ready.

Ninjas (4-6 Volunteers)
Ninjas must be at the top of venue ready to go at all times. Ninjas are responsible for retrieving lost gear on the venue and returning lost gear to athlete and help them put back on if necessary. Must be able to easily ski entire venue and be able to carry items while skiing down.

Score Runners (2 Volunteers)
These individuals retrieve scores from the judge’s tent and deliver to the lead scorekeeper in the RTC. May not look at judges scores while transporting.

Photographer (2 Volunteers)
The photographer will capture professional grade action shots of athletes during their competition run. These photos will be made available to athletes and for future use on event posters, ASC website or social media outlets.

Announcer (1-2 Volunteers)
Dynamic personality to announce each participant while in the announcer tent on the venue. Must have knowledge of IFSA judging criteria and skiing/tricks/spots of the venue, etc.

Bib Collector (2 Volunteers)
Collect bibs at the finish from the athletes. After the race hang up all bibs in RTC bib room and write down any missing numbers and bring list to event organizer.

Lead Scorekeeper (1 Volunteer)
The lead scorekeeper remains in the RTC and enters all athlete scores into the IFSA judging software. At the end of each competition day, they will meet with the judges to discuss any questions or discrepancies. Scorekeepers cannot watch the event. Prior experience is required.

Scorekeeper Assistant (1 Volunteer)
Help lead scorekeeper enter in scores and double check for errors. Scorekeeper assistant cannot watch the event.

Prize/Awards Organizers and Set Up (2 Volunteers)
Organize prizes for each age/gender category and bring down to award ceremony area and set out for event organizer to hand out. This position is also responsible for setting up the podium, sound system and any sponsor flags/banners for the awards ceremony.


All race officials require specific position certifications unless otherwise noted below.

Technical Delegate (1 Volunteer)
The TD must hold a valid TD license and certification for the level of the race being held. The primary duties of the TD are to make certain that the rules and directions of the governing body (USSA and/or FIS) are observed, verify requirements are met and that the event runs smoothly. They must be present at team captain’s meetings, be in the course area during the race and in the race office after the race to complete paperwork.

Chief of Race (1 Volunteer)
The Chief of Race must be licensed and is a voting member of the Jury. They are responsible for the management of the entire event and represent the host club or area. He/she summons meetings for consideration of technical questions and leads the team captain’s meeting after consultation with the TD.

Race Referee (1-2 Volunteers)
The Race Referee must be licensed, is appointed by the TD and is a voting member of the Jury as the competitor’s representative. The Referee is responsible for drawing the start numbers at the team captains meeting, and inspecting the course immediately after it is set. The Referee must complete the Referee Report after each run; listing any DNS, DNF or DSQ after reviewing GJ cards and start /Finish Referee reports then posting it on the official notice-board.

Start Referee (1 Volunteer, requires a Competition Official and Jury Advisor certification only)
The Start Referee must be licensed. He/she controls the start area and must remain at the start from the beginning of inspection through the end of the event. They are responsible for making certain that the regulations for the start are properly observed. He/she determines late and false starts and reports the names of the competitors who did not start, and reports all start infringements.

Finish Referee (1 Volunteer, requires a Competition Official and Jury Advisor certification only)
The Finish Referee must be licensed. He/she must remain at the finish throughout the training and the race and make sure that the regulations for the finish are properly observed. He/she supervises the finish controller, the timing and the crowd control in the finish area and must be able to communicate immediately with the start at all times. They receive and communicate Forerunner reports and records DNF’s and any rule infringements regarding the Finish.

Chief Gate Judge (1 volunteer, requires a Volunteer License only) The Chief Gate Judge should be licensed. They organize and supervise the work of the gate judges, beginning with conducting the gate judge meeting to reviewing roles and rules and distributing materials. The Chief Gate Judge must designate the gates each gate judge will supervise and places the gate judges in position. At the end of each run, he/she will collect the gate judges’ cards and ensuring all information is accurate before delivering cards to the Referee.

Chief of Timing and Calculations (1 Volunteer)
The Chief of Timing and Calculations must be licensed and certified for the level of competition. They are responsible for supervising, documenting and enforcing the quality control of the timing and results. They supervise the starter, finisher, electronic and hand timers.

Timing Room (1 Volunteer, requires a Competition Official certification only)
Responsible for running the electronic timer and computer and printing results. Training is required and will be provided. This is an inside job!


The following are our core volunteer roles for Juniors races. Other positions may appear in the Sign Up Genius that are specific to that race. All positions require a volunteer license with background screening.

Gate Judges (4-6 Volunteers, Tech Events ONLY)
The Gate Judge is responsible for watching every racer complete an assigned number of Gates and recording faults. Check in for the Gate Judges meeting on race day where training, rule review and materials will be provided.

Course Crew (2-6 Volunteers)
The Course Crew must have either experience in the ski racing arena or have completed Course Crew Training. Check in for the Course Crew meeting on race day to help with race arena set up. This may include putting up fences, transporting gates, rakes, shovels, salt bags, drills, etc. At the end of the race day you are expected to remain and help with race arena take down.

Banner Organizer (1 – 2 Volunteers)
This job involves picking up the race sponsor’s and ASC banners, start and finish panels, taking them up to the race hill and hanging them at the start and finish and at the end of the race taking them down and returning. This volunteer is expected to be part of the course crew and can be assigned to other duties.

Starter (1 Volunteer)
The Starter is at the Start of the race and is responsible for giving the countdown or signal for each racer to start. They communicate with the Finish Ref and timing crew.

Assistant Starter (1 Volunteer)
The assistant starter calls the competitors to the start in their start order and assists in getting the racers lined up and into the start area.

Hand Timers at Start and Finish (4 Volunteers)
These individuals, two at the start and two at the finish, use a stopwatch and clipboard to hand record all the starts/finishes for use in case of an electrical timing malfunction.

BIB Room and Bib Collector (2 Volunteers)
This volunteer will hang bibs on hooks, hand out to athletes and mark them off on start list. Collect bibs at the finish from the athletes. After the race hang up all bibs and write down any missing numbers. On the last day of a race or series take bibs home, wash them, stack them in numerical order, and return them to the RTC.

Lunch Preparation and Kitchen Duty (6 Volunteers)
Provide soup, crock-pot food, sandwich makings, a side dish or dessert for the volunteers and staff. Set up food in kitchen, monitor access (kindly keep non-volunteers out of food), clean up after lunch.

Tail Gunner Program

Athletes 14 and older are encouraged to consider serving as a Tail Gunner.
Great option to learn about coaching, increase volunteer experience and stay involved.

Alyeska Mighty Mites