Executive Committee

The ASC Executive Committee consists of six voting members, including the President, Past President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary and one at large member with legal expertise. All actions taken by the Executive Committee must be ratified by the Board of Directors at its next meeting where a quorum is present.


  • Jeff Gries, President
  • Shane Langland, Past President
  • Paul Lantz, Vice President
  • Stig Colberg, Treasurer
  • Rob Wasserman, Secretary
  • Julie Wrigley, Legal Counsel

Development Committee

The Development Committee plans and develops the financial resources that support the organization’s mission and objectives. Donations to ASC help support all five programs – Masters, Freeskiing, Juniors, Devos, and Mighty Mites – from capital improvement needs such as on hill equipment to the operating budget of the Race Training Center to the purchase of coaches passes.

The Development Committee volunteer will help identify, solicit and steward corporate sponsors and ensure the deliverables of each benefit package are met. At large committee members will help with ASC Title Sponsorship opportunities as well as a menu of benefits that can be tailored into an individual package. Program Coordinators on the Development Committee will work on sponsorships opportunities particular to their program. All Development Committee members will brainstorm and execute other fundraising events and opportunities as approved by the committee.

The Development Committee reports once a month to the ASC Board of Directors and follows all guidelines as specified in ASC’s Bylaws for the structure of committees. Paid staff are non-voting members.


  • Lara Hildreth, Chair and Executive Director
  • Unfilled, Masters Sponsorship Coordinator
  • Randee Liles, Juniors Sponsorship Coordinator
  • Denise Brown Robinson, DEVOS/Freeskiing Sponsorhip Coordinator
  • Kristin Ramstad, Mighty Mites Sponsorship Coordinator
  • Roberta Carney, At large member
  • Liz Ashlock, At large member
  • Paul Lantz, Co-Freeskiing Sponsorship Coordinator

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee is responsible for executing the financial structure identified in the July 2015 Transition Framework. The Finance Committee is responsible for monitoring ASC’s overall financial health as an organization and identifying areas of risk and opportunity for the club financially. The Finance Committee volunteer will help identify and analyze areas of efficiency across all program budgets; provide monthly oversight of revenue and expenditures; and develop and provide oversight for financial and asset management through standard financial business policies and practices.  

The Finance Committee reports once a month to the ASC Board of Directors on budget revenue/expenses as measured against projections and follows all guidelines as specified in ASC’s Bylaws for the structure of committees. Paid staff are non-voting members. 


  • Stig Colberg, Chair and ASC Representative
  • Lara Hildreth, Executive Director
  • Matt Hemry, Masters Representative
  • Keith Hand, Juniors Representative
  • Mark Melchert, Freeskiing Representative
  • Suzie McBride, Mighty Mites Representative

Alpine Committee 

The Alpine Committee works directly with the Alpine Director to develop plans, strategies and policies which advance the club’s programs; assist ASC in improving the quality and effectiveness of its programs; advance operations of Alpine sports; and support club-wide events. The committee reports through the Alpine Director to the ASC Board of Directors and follows all guidelines as specified in ASC’s Bylaws for the structure of committees. The Committee is scheduled to meet Fall, Mid-Winter, and Spring; additional meetings on specific issues can be called by the Alpine Director.

Roles and Responsibilities 

  • Contribute the sport expertise that advances the mission of the Alyeska Ski Club.
  • Evaluate programs and assess program offerings annually.
  • Assess program fees, program capacities and funding allocation for programs. 

Specific roles represented on the Alpine Committee 

  • Alpine Committee Chair, Jen Danza
  • Alpine Committee Secretary, Roberta Carney
  • ASC Executive Director, Lara Hildreth 
  • Mighty Mites Program Representative, Gordon Descutner
  • Master Program Representative, Rob Swanson & Martin Stewart
  • DEVOS Program Representative, Rob Wasserman
  • Freeskiing Program Representative, Connor Michael
  • Ski Cross Program Representative, Morgan Haymans
  • UAA Ski Program, Sparky Anderson
  • USSA AK Division Representative, Lex Patten 
  • Alyeska Resort Operations, Brian Burnett
  • At large Representatives – As Needed for Specific Issues