ASC Sponsorship Opportunities

The Alyeska Ski Club (ASC) is one of the most successful sports programs in Alaska, benefiting athletes of all ages and abilities who have a strong passion for skiing. For over 50 years, ASC programs have inspired fun, fitness, sportsmanship and personal achievement in over 600 athletes annually—from the youngest, who are just developing their skills, to athletes with high-level aspirations for their sport.

Become a part of ASC’s continued success by being a sponsor!

The below sponsorships are currently available. Please contact Megan Olson for sponsorship inquiries:

Alternatively, if you would like to support our program through a simple donation of any amount, you can do so by following this link.

Bronze Award Podium

Our award podium is a sturdy 3-tiered metal podium that is used across all ASC programs including Mighty Mites, Juniors, Freeride, Alpine X and Masters. These signs are 5” H x 20” W and are placed on the right side of the podium (as you face it). They remain on the podium even when stored in the RTC so it gets visibility every weekend. Here is a photo of the podium at a Mighty Mites awards ceremony.

$1,000 / Term: Two Years


Juniors Finish Area Banners

2.5’ x 5’ banner (sponsor provides) placed in front of the RTC facing Chair 4. Displayed at every Juniors race: Coca Cola Classic (4 days), Alyeska Cup (7 race days). Additionally, we often host a FIS-U race with college athletes from all over the country. That is not on the schedule this year, but when we do hold that series, it is typically a 4-day race.

Price: $1,000 / Term: Two Years


Mighty Mite Finish Area Banners

2.5’ x 5’ banner (sponsor provides) placed in front of the RTC facing Chair 4 at every Mighty Mites Race (4).

Price: $1,000 / Term: Two Years


Juniors Coaches Gifts OR Mighty Mites Coaches Gifts

This sponsorship helps procure gifts for our Juniors or Mighty Mites coaches. The sponsor’s logo is printed on the item. We have approximately 25 Juniors coaches and 25 – 30 Mighty Mites coaches. The gifts for this year have not yet been decided. In year’s past, we have given backpacks, duffel bags, Leatherman pocket tools, etc. The sponsor will also receive a monogramed item.

Note: price below is for either the Juniors or Mighty Mites coaches gifts.

Price: $1,000 per program / Term: One Year


Freeride Classic Competition

The Free Ride team has two competitions scheduled this season. The Freeride Classic 1/27-1/30/2022 and the Freeride Spring Classic 3/28-3/31/2022. Specific sponsorship details available upon request but include signage on a Freeride tent in the finish area and/or banners.

Price: TBD / Term: TBD


Alpine X Ski Cross Invitational (February 13, 2022)

One day event. Banner displayed.

Price: $500 / Term: One Year


Brian Russell Costume Race (March 4, 2022)

This is the fun, end-of-year event where all ASC athletes don costumes and compete on a fun course on Tanaka. It’s a festive environment with food and prizes provided with sponsorship proceeds. Signage at the event and verbal recognition is provided.

Price: $500 / Term: One Year


Mighty Mites OR Devos Season Video

The Mighty Mites team has been producing a season re-cap video for many years. The Devos team is going to produce their first video this season. These videos will be keepsakes for years to come! When your kids graduate high school, you can look back at a professionally-produced video and reminisce about their early ski years. It is truly a treasure! Because these are professionally produced, they are expensive and a sponsor is needed. The sponsor’s logo will be placed at the beginning and end of the video. Verbal recognition within the video will also be provided.

Note: price below is for either the Mighty Mites or Devos video.

Price: $2000 per program / Term: One Year


End of Season Banquets: Juniors, Mighty Mites, Devos

End of season banquets are held for each program and are attended by 100 to 200 people. Sponsorship of these events include signage at the event as well as verbal recognition. Proceeds go toward securing a venue and/or purchasing food.

Juniors Banquet:
Price: $1,000 / Term: One year

Mighty Mites OR Devos Banquet:
Price: $600 per program / Term: One year

Please note that in addition to your recognition for sponsoring a particular item (e.g., “Mighty Mite Finish Banner”), more benefits are provided depending on your sponsorship level.

Please refer to the Sponsor Benefits Matrix (PDF) for specifics.