2017-18 Juniors Program Coaches

Kieffer Christianson | U19/U16 Coach

Kieffer joins our coaching staff after recently retiring from competitive ski racing, and is looking to help the next generation of ASC athletes develop. After growing up racing in the Alyeska Mighty Mites and Juniors programs, Kieffer went on to spend the last decade racing across the Nor-Am, Europa Cup, and World Cup circuits. A 2x Children’s World Champion, four-time World Junior Member and U.S. National Champion, Kieffer is looking forward to putting his coaching boots on while continuing to provide visual aid and perform drills with ASC athletes. He is eager to share information about what it takes to be a top level athlete, while reminding the kids that skiing should always be fun.  He’s also looking forward to living in Girdwood after many seasons on the road!

Treven Hunter | U19 Coach

Treven Hunter started his ski racing career with the Buddy Werner League in Tahoe, California. His three years with the program taught him the fundamentals of ski racing, ski tuning, and gave him a lifelong passion for the sport. From there he competed at the high school, USSA, FIS, and collegiate levels. He has coached for the Sugar Bowl Ski Team and Sierra @ Tahoe. Treven also has over 5 years of experience as a ski technician in Tahoe and Boulder, Colorado. After graduating from CU Boulder with a chemical engineering degree, Treven decided to move to Alaska to get back to what he loves most.

Cristiano Mergozzi | U19 Coach

Born and raised in Verbania Italy, right on the shores of Lake Maggiore he learned to ski and mountaineer on the mountains behind his house. After a few years working as a chemical technician in two large companies from Milan, he decided to take another route in his life. Since then, he has worked as a ski racing coordinator and assistant in snow making and slope preparation. Working for one of the largest ski areas in Europe (Breuil – Cervinia Italy) and Nakiska Canada, Cristiano has acquired knowledge in ski racing. Alongside national teams he has learned to create the best working environment they needed. Now adays, he tries to squeeze job, family and mountaineering in his life; and even though he may be a bit busy at times he is always able to finish whatever project he has on his plate.

Jennifer Danza | Head U16 Coach

A mother of two, her job is juggling her kids and coaching her “other” kids. Growing up in a small town in the alps she and her five siblings all ski raced internationally. Fully certified Italian ski instructor, level 2 Italian ski coach and Performance level Canadian coach, she has had vast experience in various countries coaching athletes in ski racing. Her dream is to pass on her passion of skiing to her athletes and one day maybe to her children. On her down time, she loves tagging along rock/ice climbing and mountaineering with her husband and friends. She hates cooking so ask her husband to make a meal not her!

Steve Mashburn | U16 Coach

A former USSA alpine racer and ASC Alyeska Ski Club member, Steve is part of three generations of Alyeska Resort patrons who devote themselves as “die-hards” to the sport and share a love of skiing. Steve has been actively coaching at ASC for the past 17+ years. He has coached Mighty Mites, Devos and is currently an Assistant Coach for the U16 athletes as well as the Club’s RTC, Timing & Equipment Manager. Wearer of many hats: skier, racer, parent, graphic designer and coach, Steve simply enjoys life and has a passion for skiing fast and being with his family.

Steve is also the creative genius behind many of ASC’s design materials. You can see his work on everything from our team merchandise and uniforms to our event and marketing pieces.

Audrey Hume | U16 Coach

Audrey Hume is Alaska born and raised. She started skiing with the Alyeska Ski Club when she was four years old, and raced with the club for 10 years. Audrey skied for the Far West Regional Team, the Western Regional Team, and competed as an NCAA athlete for two years with the University of Alaska Anchorage. Her racing career includes finishes in multiple national competitions, NorAm circuits, as well as many international competitions. While coaching for Alyeska Ski Club, Audrey is pursuing her bachelor’s degree in Construction Management. Her coaching philosophy is that every athlete, regardless of talent or dedication, should have the tools required for success. It is the coach’s responsibility to facilitate and encourage those successes and to lead by example, both on and off the hill.

Kate Bragg | Head U14 Coach

Kate Bragg was a World Cup Ski Cross athlete as well as an NCAA racer for University of Vermont. She graduated with a degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering from the University of Utah. Her ‘day job’ is an Environmental Engineer saving this great state one clean up at a time! She longs for Chilean powder days. In the summer you can find her pretending to be a triathlete. Above all she is a lover of dogs!

Justin Hart | U14 Coach

I have come to the Alyeska Ski Club with intentions to pass on my love of sport to aspiring ski racers. Ski Racing is an ideal medium to train the mind and body for both on the hill success and off. With balance in mind, time and training will lead to ones individual aspirations. I have ten years of coaching experience throughout the east coast racing scene, and bring fifteen years of personal ski racing experience as a NCAA All-American and former FIS international athlete.

Ray Leroy | U14 Coach

I moved back to Alaska after a 15 year hiatus from the snow. I come with over 20 years of FIS racing experience and 15 years of coaching and training at an elite level in multiple extreme sports. I am looking forward to passing on my knowledge of alpine racing with years of coaching experience and to give back to the ski club that provided so much for me as a junior! Let’s put Alaskan athletes back on the map!

Tim Thornley | U14 Coach

I grew up ski racing with Alyeska Ski Club. I’m currently studying at UAA. Coaching is the perfect way to stay connected with skiing, while going to school. I’m always waiting and ready for the perfect day to take out my speed skis and go as fast as I can.

Kiefer Davis  | U14  Coach


Lex Patten | Head U12 Coach

I grew up skiing in Alaska, from the Hillberg and Hilltop rope tows, Arctic Valley “T” bar to the Poma lift on the Tanaka hill. I’m an inaugural member of the UAA alpine ski team and proud alumni. I have coached skiing since the early 80’s while in college. My coaching career has included every level of ASC skiing from Mighty Mites to Masters. My coaching highlights include regional, national and international competitions and have coached athletes to podium finishes at all those levels including Olympics. I am proud to be working with U12 program athletes’ goals and dreams.

Marc Eid | Co-Head U12 Coach

Bio coming soon.

Morgan Leach | U12 Coach

Morgan has been a member of the Alyeska ski club for 12 years, from mighty mites through the junior program. “I am currently in my freshman year of college at UAA. I hope to bring my love of skiing, positive energy, and drive for fun on and off the mountain to the Alyeska Ski Club this winter and many more to come”. Morgan is the inaugural member of our Post Graduate Coach Mentoring Program.

Chase Lentfer | U12 Coach


Brenna Petrie | U12 Coach

I have been a racer of the Alyeska Ski Club since I was five and wanted to stay involved with ski racing as I went to college at UAA. Coaching just happened to be that perfect opportunity. As a coach, I hope to see the other side of the racing world and learn more from it. I have a strong passion for the sport and strive to be as happy and energetic as possible. See you on the hill!

Lena Mashburn | U12 Coach

Lena Mashburn is a mother of one little ski racer, a full-time corporate America marketer, and an alpine ski coach for both Alyeska Ski Club (ASC) and Hillberg Youth Ski Team (HYST). I keep myself busy!! I am a born and raised Alaskan who grew up ski racing in the winter and water skiing in the summer. I ski raced for the Alyeska and the Spyder programs, where I then raced for University of Alaska Anchorage (UAA) and am a proud UAA alumni. My coaching career started as soon as my racing career ended. I could not think of a better way to give back to the community than to coach and mentor the up-and-coming young ski racers. I am proud to be working with U12 program athlete’s goals and dreams at Alyeska and the U10 program athletes at HYST – these kids will travel the world being a child of a military parent and they will hopefully take skiing with them for life. We are all better people having skiing in our lives.

Kjersti von Wichman | Head U10 Coach

Kjersti was born and raised in Norway. From as early as she can remember, Kjersti was told to go outside and ski until dinner was ready. Learning early that cross country skiing was not a good fit for her, she gravitated towards downhill skiing when not skijoring with the family dogs. Growing up ski racing in Norway, and being a part of their National team, she was lucky enough to travel all over Europe and experience the Europe Cup and World Cup circuit. She came to the US to study at the University of Utah and skied for the Utes for 3 years. At that point serendipity made her fall in love with Alaska so she moved up here to coach after finishing school in Salt Lake City. Kjersti spent 4 years coaching the UAA Ski Team with fellow Alaskan Paul Crews, followed by 2 years on the women’s US National Tech Team which brought her back to her European roots. Kjersti and her husband, Brad, have 3 kids who all love to ski. She is very excited to be a part of the new ASC U10 program. Kjersti’s philosophy is that the U10 program should be FUN and for everybody that likes to ski!

Zach Burris | U10 Coach


Garrett Mashburn | U10 Coach

Garrett Mashburn is a former Alyeska Ski Club (ASC) racer and part of four generations of Alyeska ski enthusiasts who devote themselves as ‘die-hards’ to the sport and share the love of skiing with everyone they meet. His father and aunt both coach in the ASC program and his little brother is in the Mighty Mite program. His ‘day-job’ is being a Construction Laborer where he has been keeping himself busy. He has a strong passion for the sport and looks forward to sharing his knowledge of alpine ski racing with the U10 program athletes.