Race photo price special!

Bob Eastaugh is offering pre-season special prices – about 1/3 off – for ski race photo digital files.   The prices will help racers and parents catch-up their photo orders for past seasons. To encourage orders before he gets busy with the new season, the special prices only apply to orders placed before November 25. Email him directly at if you have any questions.


Bob Eastaugh will photograph the FIS and USSA races at Alyeska, weather permitting. He tries to post at least one photo (and often more) per racer per race and also sends images to local newspapers and SkiRacing with captions.

He posts his photos in “galleries” for each race. A 2017-18 race season “group” contains the season’s galleries. The link to that group is:

“Subgroups” for series (Coca-Cola, WR U16s, etc.) hold race-day galleries for races in the series.

Posted images can be viewed and enjoyed for free. They can also be purchased as prints or digital files. He only posts small files for review, but sometimes posts samples to show typical image quality for larger purchased images.

He donates all proceeds to Alyeska Ski Club’s juniors; please do not right-click or screen-shot posted images; that unfairly deprives the juniors of proceeds (and violates copyright laws and devalues the time he spends shooting and editing). To discourage screenshots, posted files have a large watermark that is omitted from purchased files. Very small (phone-size) images are available at low price.

A race produces so many (1,000 to 2,000) photos that it may take several days to finish uploading. His first priority of sending images on race day to newspapers may delay posting and order fulfillment. There may be additional delay if he is traveling after a race. Please be patient; the images are high quality.

His ski racing galleries contain FAQs about race photos and ordering process.