Bob Eastaugh has photographed the ski club’s junior and FIS races each season and
uploaded the images to race-specific galleries. This link takes you to the 2022-23 Ski Season group that contains his galleries for the season’s races: The photos are in run order.

He has used his photos to publicize the sport, the racers, and the club. His images have been published in the Anchorage Daily News, Ski Racing Media, the News-Miner, the Empire, and elsewhere. He has been working with the club in various capacities for more
than 50 years.

But after a long season, with 23 race days and hundreds of computer hours, Bob has decided he won’t be able to photograph the club’s races next year. It takes far too much time and physical effort. Despite his deep appreciation for the athleticism he has been
privileged to photograph on Alyeska slopes and his admiration for the racers and their skills and determination in a demanding sport, he is regretfully retiring.

His galleries allow viewers to view race photos without charge. Although he donates anyrace photo sales proceeds to the juniors program, as of April 19 he temporarily suspended all photo sales. He hopes to reinstate race photo sales starting in July. In
the meantime he will concentrate on getting a few more ski days this season, getting intobiking shape, and fulfilling the pre-season race photo packages.

You can email him at

Photos below courtesy of Bob Eastaugh.