With the goal of creating “action portraits” of racers, Bob Eastaugh has finished uploading Racer Faces from the Coca-Cola Classic, Alyeska Cup, FIS series, Brian Russell, and U12/U14 Championships for the 2020-21 season. He says, “These are highly cropped close-ups, some never before uploaded. They tell us something about the stoicism, joy, or stress racers feel on course.”

Viewing is free, and no purchase is necessary (although purchases directly benefit the Junior programs). Because cropping and shooting conditions can diminish image quality, he has limited digital file and print sizes. He shot more than 110,000 frames during the season’s races.

The link to the group holding the Racer Faces galleries for all the events is:

The link to the group for the four Coca-Cola Classic Racer Faces galleries that were the last to be uploaded is:

Photos below courtesy of Bob Eastaugh.