Board of Directors

The following Board of Directors is honored to have the opportunity and responsibility to provide the leadership that is helping to shape and guide the future of the Alyeska Ski Club.


  • Joey Austerman – Vice President, Mighty Mite Rep., Mighty Mite and Junior Parent, Resort Liaison, Coach
  • Rob Buck – Juniors Rep., Juniors Parent
  • Stig Colberg – At large, Junior Parent, Finance Committee
  • Tim Charnon – Freeskiing Rep., Freeskiing Parent
  • Jeff Gries – At large, Junior Parent, CSFRA Board Member, Coach
  • Morten Kjerland – Treasurer, Mighty Mite Rep., Mighty Mite and Junior Parent, Finance Committee Chair, Alpine Committee
  • Shane Langland – President, Mighty Mite & Junior Parent
  • Clint Lentfer – Mighty Mite Rep., Mighty Mite Head Coach, Mighty Mite & Junior Parent, Alpine Committee
  • Carl Swanson – Masters Rep., Masters Head Coach, Alpine Committee
  • Matt Tanaka – Secretary, Masters Rep., Tanaka Master Planning Committee Chair
  • Rob Wassesrman – DEVOs Rep., Coach
  • Alex von Wichman – Junior Rep., Race Crew
  • Kjersti von Wichman – Junior Rep., Mighty Mite and Junior Parent, Coach, Race Crew
  • Julie Wrigley – At large, Junior Parent, Legal Counsel